Illegal Magics

There are several types of magic in Estrucia which are either heavily permitted or outright illegal by the Estrucian Empire. The decisions behind each type have come after the harm each can do when not in check.

Any healing above basic first aid requires a licensed practitioner. It takes knowledge of bone, muscle, tendon, etc. In order to be able to stitch or grow pieces back together — even with magic. Without proper training, veins may not be properly reconnected or small important bits may be missing.

It is heavily believed that the dead should stay dead. In most cases, this is the truth. No one fully knows what lay beyond this life or what truly makes us us. Memories can be retrieved, and maybe even more, but at no point can one truly be certain that its the same person they knew before. There are several ways in which one can be declared dead and come back, but it is very very rarely allowed.

There are several types of undead. Some are intelligent and some are not. Outside of the research of the academy, all such practices are quite illegal. In most circumstances, however, the one raised is not punished — only the person who brought them back. It is a case by case issue and often tried and judged by calling into the Blue Guard. So no creating ghouls, willing you’re beloved to keep on living past their expiration date, etc.

True teleportation may only be conducted by licensed folk. It is a super quick way to travel, though can be very expensive. This is to ensure all the bits stay where they should while moving through folded space and time. Offices are located within nearly all of the major cities. This law is also put into place to prevent the urge to, say, pop over into someone else’s house and take their things.