Magic Items PT1 – Simple Items

Magic items are, in the Shadows of the Mage War Campaign, items which cast spells. There are several ways in which these items work. for this installment, we will discuss simple ones found most often in the form of rings and other small jewelry. These items have the ability to bring for an incorporeal item or beast as well as protect the user. Below are some short and brief examples of several summoning items.


Basic Dagger Ring
A simple glowing blue dagger with +1 dmg.
Cost: 1 Mana


Lock pick Ring
Lock picking set with +1 lock picking.
Cost: 1 Mana


Spirit Companion Rings
Summons a small, medium, or large animal to your side to perform simple tasks. Some rings allow sentient animals which may preform more complex tasks.
Cost: Varies


Protection items offer an invisible shield that covers the skin over the entire body offering protection from various elements or direct damage. Cost varies, but is channeled the same as the rest.

Easy enough, right? Simple summoning items have no effect on the wearer unless they’re being actively used, at which point one will have to dip into their mana pool. In the case where one item will need to become unused so something else may be channeled, a full round must pass. To switch, you must disuse an item at the end of your turn, picking up the new one on the next.

From a DM standpoint this can also add a bit more flavor in items to offer your players. Not allow players will be able to use them as an obvious point, but you can also require other personal sacrifices for greater or other effects. More about those later on once they show up in this test campaign.