The University: Pt1

Magical abilities in humans begin around puberty, and therefor are mandatory checked between the ages of 10 and 16. It is not unheard of, though very rare, for such abilities to manifest before such time and such occurrences are dealt with accordingly. For this segment, we will be covering a brief overview of the mark of all magus, as well as why Molir was needed in the first place.

Why Molir Was/Is Needed

Magic can be dangerous. In fact, it can be very very dangerous. Sure, there’s the benefit of heating a cup of tea with no fire, causing a ship to fly, or bending a broken bone. There’s also the ever impending threat of another war and of those who would use their gift to do harm. Yeah, sure we have the occasional missing limb or exploded kitchen, but we could have seas boiling and the very planet rocked to it’s core. Talking the end of the world here. Strong magic had only been around a short time before the Mage War began, and by the end, nearly all was lost. For it’s own survival, those few who were left decided not to get rid of those with magical ability completely, but to keep them in check — and in tight control.

They have each individual who has tested to even carry the mark (genetics) of magical ability tagged permanently. For these people, the ‘University’ of Molir can see everywhere you are at every minute. They know if you’ve cast anything wrong, what you’re strongest attributes are. They, perhaps, know more about you that you do yourself. I should like to note that this devise is not to… micromanage character/players, but to offer them more challenge. There are ways to get away from the eyes of Molir if the time comes.

The Mark

After any child is tested positive, they are sent to the Island of Molir. Often their families already live there or, if not, are offered to join them. As soon as the text is positive, the child is kept near their guard until reaching the island and the whole time on the island until they receive their mark.

The ceremony is very quick and very painful. I haven’t exactly dreamed up the specifics other than it uses some remnants from Mage War, and is excruciating. Pain going into you and nearly every cell screaming in pain as you can feel it flow through you. Often, some sort of sedative is added as well to help. After examination, the individual has a mark on their upper left arm in which the appearance varies by the individual. Imagine arcane symbols, tribal markings, some language no one can understand. It changes with you reflecting a part of who and what you are in  away few (or none) can understand.




Character ‘Backgrounds’ for Shadow of the Mage War Campaign Saga

I still don’t like the use of the word templates to describe this. For the upcoming campaign, I’ve decided to give my player characters an added bonus or two that fits in with their characters background, story, and pretty much how much they’ve fleshed it out. My plan is that this will offer not only an added instinctive to build on characters, but to offer a slightly flavorful push on things as well. My players are starting at level 1 despite the fact that they’ve already been studying in their chosen paths for some time. For now, let’s say Backgrounds.

I will also say that you can keep anything you gain in these backgrounds until it seems unreasonable for the character to do so. For example, if you choose to change to a different profession where you’ll start learning a whole new set of skills. Another example may be that you are simply no longer capable of a certain ability. However, once you start in something new, the previous past is lost. Over time, skills and abilities you once learned may be forgotten.

Blue Guard Trainee
So, you’re training to be one of the Blue Guard, ‘eh? Learned a few tips & tricks but aren’t there quite yet. Likely, you’re still working under a superior officer or receiving newcomer training at the Academy of Molir on the northern coast of the island. You may even be a seasoned character looking to start in something new. If any of these are the case, you may pick 2 of the following bonuses at level 1 and an extra bonus at level 5.

  • +1 DEX/WILL per 5 levels on path (Choose 1, Round up)
  • +1 MANA per 2 levels on path (Round down)
  • -1 Hour Rest Required
  • +1 SPEED
  • +1 Added spell resist per 2 levels.

This is an available selection for any spell-caster training at the Academy and concentrating on magical studies. You may pick 2 of the following bonuses at level one and an extra bonus at level 5.

  • +1 INT/WIS/CHA per 5 levels on path (Choose 1)
  • +1 MANA per 2 levels on path
  • +1 Radius to area spells
  • + 1 DMG FROST/FIRE/NATURE/HOLY/ETC spells PER LEVEL (Choose one)
  • +1 LUCK
  • +1 per level when rolling to recognize a spell
  • 1 extra spell per day from your list
  • +5 RESIST in FROST/FIRE/NATURE/HOLY/ETc. (Choose one. Must work with your strongest area of spell-casting)
  • SPELL:  MINOR HEAL – Heal a minor wound (2d4 dmg) at the cost of one mana point for 1 hour. RANGE 2 SQ

For those who seek knowledge above all. You may pick 2 of the following bonuses at level 1 and an extra bonus at level 5.

  • +2 History per level
  • +1 LUCK
  • +5 to finding information in library situations
  • +5 to one skill (May be taken again at level 5)
  • May reroll one knowledge check per day, taking the better result.
  • +1 Language
  • +3 to knowledge gathering

It’s not knowledge you seek but experiences and adventure. You live for danger and excitement, finding thrill at every turn. You may pick two of the following bonuses at level one and an extra bonus at level 5.

  • +1 to disabling and recognizing traps per 2 levels.
  • +2 to JUMP
  • +2 CLIMB
  • May reroll once per day on a save or situation which may otherwise kill you. Use better roll.
  • +5 Perception
  • +1 DEX/CHA per 5 levels (choose one)
  • SPELL/ABILITY: SPEED – +2 to move for 5 rounds. Usable once per day.