The Blue Guard

“The Blue Guard” is the official name given to the organization which polices all magic in Estrucia. Also known simply as ‘Witch Hunters,’ they take orders from a close knit joint section of the Estrucian Empire and the Academy of Molir.

They are in charge of:

  • Hunting down non-licensed mages.
  • Dangerous mages
  • Mages who have broken the law in a terrible way.
  • Testing children for magical ability in the rural farmlands.
  • Guarding special interests.

Their training gives them:

  • To be more resistant to magical effects cast upon them.
  • To track individuals for long distances and periods of time.
  • Close range combat skills specializing in anti-mage tactics.
  • Magical jurisdiction in all of the territories.

The Blue Guard is not the most common sight in the land. This may be partly due to the fact that they are not required to wear uniform for day to day business, having one only for ceremony and when it’s needed for show.  Now you may ask…

Who is likely to be in the Blue Guard?

  • Those sensitive to magical energies and their detection.
  • Mages who aren’t very good at higher magics but do well with combat, tactics, and other skills.
  • Those who wish to wonder, explore the land, and investigate things.

Who else can join?

  • The template can be applied to almost any class as long as the character is the type who relishes the hunt and enjoys not being in the same place for very long at a time. This includes mages of all sorts (wizards, priests, etc) as well as those with no magical prowess at all.

I should like to point at this time that the guard is not full of magical types. They mainly look for those who really can’t do magic but can sense it fairly well or have a natural ability against it. The Blue guard is a representation of humanity’s fight to survive in spite of those who may wish to do it harm. They are the defense against another war.

For the upcoming Shadows of the Mage War campaign, characters are allowed to decree it an area of study at the academy at character creation, though will not be able to fully apply the template until later as a prestige class.  This is due to my allowing a choosing of a small character oriented bonus at character creation. More on Starting templates later. Templates? Is there a better word? Probably.