The Tua’theen & Koriari


The Tua’theen are a proud people who’s ancestry can be traced back before humankind. They came to this planet sometime before the Mage War when it was still a major port for this part of the galaxy. At the end of the war, the few survivors found themselves stranded, calling this world home ever since.

This race might best be described as elves. They are taller than your average human, with (on average) a thinner more athletic build. Their ears are pointed slightly as well. For the upcoming pathfinder campaign, we will be using the elven template for these people for game purposes.

At this point, it should be mentioned that all Tua’theen can wield magic to some degree,  with a few exceptions to the rule (More on that at a later date). Some say it was from them in-which human kind first discovered their own abilities.

Currently, the Tua’theen are split into two groups. One to the north and one to the south. Honestly, I haven’t decided quite yet weather they are split due to a difference of opinion or other reasons. These two groups, however, are not an war but do bump heads on occasion. Mainly they just hold allegiance to their own faction.

They are an uncommon folk, spread out across the world. While there are small pockets and villages here and there which could be considered a Tua’theen community, you are most likely to see one either on the Island of Molir working with the academy, or in Capitol City. The average life span is 200 years.


The Koriari are known for a love of stories, song, drink, and most of all a keen business sense. This is yet another alien race, though had to change themselves in order to survive after the war. The Koriari underwent a serious change and alteration, and threw in a few extra changes as well. They adopted dna from both animal and Tua’theen giving them the following traits:

-More hair. The Koriari typically have fur which runs from the base of their hair all the way down their backs, with males showing more than females.
-Tails. Yup, tails. Cat-ish people.
-Larger than human incisors.
-Low light vision
-Enhanced sense of smell.
Magic. Though very rare, a few Koriari can effectively use magic in a more than practical sense. It’s important, however, to note that nearly all of them can use low level magical items to some degree.

I should also like the point out that they’re my version of a halfling, as they stand roughly 3′-4′ tall on average. They also have quick reflexes.